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The idea behind Metal Latitude Designs started several years ago with a fun project between my husband and I that resulted in a unique stainless steel sign for our home.  I greatly enjoyed the creativity of the design process and looked forward to perhaps doing more of that type of work someday in the future when my busy career slowed down.  Although not planned, that slowdown occurred at the end of 2020 as I, along with so many others, found myself out of work due to the economic situation driven by the pandemic.  Although that seemed at the time like an overwhelming obstacle, it has turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to focus on my creative side and take on the exciting challenge of starting my own business.   

Based in Bradenton, Florida, you will likely notice that many of our designs reflect what we love best about our Florida lifestyle; outdoor living, boating, beach-going, golfing and fishing to name just a few.  However, customization is our specialty and one way that we feel we set ourselves apart from others in the business.  We would love to provide you the perfect design to match your passion and lifestyle!

All of our products are cut with a fiber optic laser from high quality American made stainless steel.  There are less expensive materials available, but we believe that stainless steel is the ideal medium for our products.  Starting with the best material allows each item to show its natural beauty and weather protection with no additional finish or treatment required.

When putting the website together, we have been challenged to show how truly flexible we are related to customization.  Naturally, we had to start with some structure around sizes, fonts and other options.  But please know, that is not all we have to offer!  We can size most items to fit your space.  Additional fonts can be available upon request.  Each item truly is made to order, so CONTACT US to discuss your vision.

We look forward to the opportunity to build a relationship with each customer and provide the best possible product and service. 

Thank you for visiting us!

Jill - Metal Latitude Designs

Dock stretching out into the ocean
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