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Select Design

Choose the design you wish to order.  Click either the image or the Add to Cart button to move to the product page.   


Select Font and Size

Use drop down menus to select Font and Size.  View font choices here.


Enter text for sign

​There are two input fields where you can indicate the text you want included on your sign:

  • Field 1 - enter desired text for the top of the sign.  Make sure it looks exactly as you want it to appear on the sign (upper/lower case, any punctuation, etc).  If you have notes or instructions you would like to include, add those in (parentheses).  

  • Field 2 - follow same process for the bottom of sign.

  • NOTE - if your design does not include text on either the top or bottom, indicate NONE or N/A in the applicable input field.  


Find latitude and longitude coordinates

If you would like to include latitude and longitude coordinates on your sign, here are instructions to track those down:

  • If you're at the location - use the Compass app on your smart phone.

  • From anywhere - open  Enter address and click Find.  Your results will appear under the heading GPS Coordinates.

  • We are happy to look these up for you!  Include the full address that you want the coordinates to reflect in either the input field where you want the coordinates to appear on the sign (see step 3 above) or in the Notes section at the bottom of the cart page.  We will take care of the rest. 


Ordering a custom sign is very easy.  Use this quick guide to ensure we receive all the information we need to begin your design! 

NOTE:  We will send a design proof and await your approval before any custom items are produced!


Font Samples:

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